I have become obsessive in my Kardia ECG testing recently; I have only had one spurious reading in spite of regular testing, although there has been the occasional ectopic.  I am still not 100% sure it is not a problem, but my blood pressure is good, my rhythm fine and general fitness improving.

I do have one new health problem: indigestion.  This is not exactly new, I have had reflux issues twice before: once in 1998 when I let my fitness lapse a little and again in 2008 when I had a gall bladder infection.  It seems my 10 years anniversary was due.  The latest occurrence started a few days ago with reflux but there was no obvious trigger.  It has now decreased in intensity and is affecting my left shoulder.  It is definitely not heart related; it only hurts when I breathe in or sneeze.  This is not good for hay fever season, and I do not want to take anti-histamines in case they awaken my sleeping AF.

I will give it until after the weekend and then seek medical advice if it hasn’t cleared.

2 thoughts on “Heartburn

  1. After my last op the cardiologist prescribed me 3 months supply of Lansoprazole. He stopped it after six weeks, but told me not to dispose of the rest and use them if I get heartburn. I took a few of those; it didn’t really do much but I am much improved today after fasting yesterday.


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