I have just had a two week holiday in Florida, with another family; four adults and three teenagers in one villa.  This was not my idea, but my partner chose for her 50th, so pretty non-negotiable.  The focus was on theme parks, which meant the holiday was to be based around a hot and humid atmosphere, high fat food, alcoholic temptations and attractions that all advertised their unsuitability for those with heart issues.

I was cautious, but prepared to join in and try the rides (as opposed to waiting in the sunshine while the rest of them queued).  This was not a major problem; I don’t find rides scary and they do not raise my heart rate.

I was generally well behaved, not too much running about, keeping well hydrated, wearing a hat and covering myself liberally with factor 50, I was also trying alcohol; not too much, just one or two bottles in the evening

I took my Kardia and was doing regular tests.  I was quite pleased to find that the holiday was having no effect.  One day however, this was not the case, I had lots of ectopics and a diagnosis of “Possible AF” (I don’t think it was AF, I just think the sheer number of ectopics confused the software).  The only difference in what I had done this day was caffeine.  I had a large coffee at lunch with a free refill.  Later we visited Starbucks and I had a medium cappuccino.  One of the kids came out with two frozen drinks; they had made one for her with several shots of espresso.  She had pointed out that this was wrong, they made her a new coffee-free one and allowed her to keep the mistake.  She passed it to me and it was so refreshing that I drank three-quarters of it.   My cardiologist had told me a year previously that coffee was not a trigger and that I could drink it with no problem. This particular day, I discovered that this was not true.  It took me two coffee-free days to recover fully.

I am now back in the UK and completely back to normal, except that my resting Heart rate is five beats above what it was before the holiday.

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