NHS Heart age questionnaire

The members of the HealthUnlocked AF forum were getting upset about an NHS online questionnaire.


Apparently the majority were given a Heart Age of 95 with an imminent stroke.

heart age.png

My figures seem better than most: heart age 60 (I am 55) with stroke or heart attack at 78. Not sure why I am different, but relatively low blood pressure/cholesterol and a BMI of 25.2 could be the reason.  The two bits of advice for me are to lower BP to below 120 (currently 123) and BMI to below 25.  If I could manage this I could reduce my heart age to 59, but would still be heading for a stroke or heart attack at 78.  I am now back to regular exercise and hope to drop a few Kg, but this questionnaire seems to suggest that it is not really worth the effort.

Ten years ago, I was invited into the GP’s surgery for a medical assessment; just blood pressure and a health questionnaire. I was given a heart age then of 50; I was very disappointed, given my level of fitness, I thought that my heart age should be the same as or even less than my real age. The nurse reassured me, saying that a heart age of 50 was the lowest she had seen in a 45 year old (in that surgery; I was living in a borderline social deprivation area). Her recommendation was to continue doing exactly what I was doing at the time. Ironic, as the exercise I was doing is what caused my AF.

Ten years on, my heart age is only ten years older. Strange given the AF diagnosis, two ablations, and a year of medication including bisoprolol, amiodarone and rivaroxaban. I would have expected that kind of rough treatment to age it considerably more.

I suspect the calculations from either of those questionnaires have little basis in reality on an individual basis.



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