Weekend rides

Saturday’s ride was intended to be a short trip out to the avenue coking plant site to try the new wetlands path.  This did not take too long so I decided to try out the Five Pits trail, which is close by.  This was good for a few miles, but then I had multiple punctures from thorns left on the trail after hedge maintenance.   While mending the second puncture, I managed to break the Presta valve off the tube with the CO2 pump.  Unfortunately this was at the furthest point from possible rescue.  I had to walk three miles back to Grassmoor.  A costly episode; I was out of pocket for an inner tube, a COpump and three cartridges and a pair of Look cleats.

18-09-15 5pt

When I returned, Strava informed me that I had a 6th and 7th overall on a couple of trail segments, which did not really make up for the experience.

Sunday’s social ride was a very gentle trip out east, so I decided to ride in again.  Unfortunately, I was the only rider expecting a green ride, so my choice was to continue solo or to join the blue ride.

Blue F2 Sep

It was a very windy day, and the first half was mainly a tailwind.  I didn’t lead the group much; I was wary that I had a long ride planned.  Finally, I arrived home after 4 hours. Fifty-nine miles with rest periods at Bolsover waiting for the start, Edwinstowe at the cafe and two unplanned stops at Whaley, first for a dropped chain and then for a puncture (not mine this time)

This was a good ride: I ached a bit, but not too much and bagged the longest ride of the year.  Checking my records later, this was the longest ride since October 2014.  My symptoms started in early 2015 (when I thought I was just getting older and lazier), and diagnosis was a year afterwards in Feb 2016.

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