Back with the Cardiologist

This was my regular six-monthly review as required for the clinical trial.  Today there were worse than usual traffic and parking problems getting to the NGH so I arrived a couple of minutes late for my X-ray.  No problem and ECG and BP were all taken before my actual appointment at 9:30 a.m.  I had a nice chat with the Arrhythmia nurse about how my recent work stresses were affecting me.   I was finally invited in to see him at 10:20 a.m.

He seemed quite happy with the ECG and X-ray.  I showed him a few Kardia readings since the last visit; he was pleased I was keeping records and said that he had just ordered twenty for the use of patients in monitoring their AF.  He said that every reading I had taken was relatively normal, except for one.

18-08-12 HR

This was taken in Florida, on a day when I had drunk a lot of coffee.  He suggested that if this happens again, I should get someone to punch me very hard in the chest and phone an ambulance.  He had previously said that coffee is not a problem, but his opinion now is that I should avoid it.

Apart from that, everything is fine and I should come back to see him in twelve months.

10 thoughts on “Back with the Cardiologist

  1. I had no symptoms at all. It was a kardia reading that I take around the same time each night. Another family member tried the kardia and got a normal reading, so definitely my problem.
    The Cardiologist didn’t know exactly what it was, but said it was ventricular. Good news in that this can happen because the dodgy atrial pathways are blocked, and this happens instead of AF. Bad news because its potentially very dangerous.


  2. I have just realised, I didn’t make it clear that this was a planned six monthly review, not an appointment to discuss problems. I took the opportunity to share a few unusual kardia readings.

    I am fine with cold drinks but the other three affect me. Coffee and alcohol are minimised these days, but work has got very stressful recently.


    • Thanks Sean, I seem to be much improved since the holiday. Back to normal levels of distance and if anything it has improved my heart rhythm. Still a couple of mph down on pre-AF speeds, but still not ready to risk recovery by pushing harder. I see from Strava you are also getting out regularly.


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