Rogue beats

On four occasions over the last few months, I have experienced a few rogue HR peaks during a ride; these are only momentary and don’t show on the Garmin until I download the data.  I am not sure whether this is a fault of my HR meter or my own internal wiring, but I have been monitoring every ride recently.

The first instance was on 25th October; one spike of 173 for a split second while on the rollers. This was a strange session, there were also dropouts so I think that this was possibly a sensor error.  On 4th November, I experienced a spike of 169 for a split second on a road ride while not making any particular effort. On 2nd December there was a spike of 167 for a split second while climbing; however, this was close to the top of the climb and my HR was actually falling at that time.  On 28th December I had the most worrying one; an instantaneous spike of 181 during a steady flat ride on the trails. 

I have been very patient and have not attempted to recapture any former glories; half my rides are still flat, and in spite of that, my average over a year is 1.6 mph lower than it used to be on rides through the peak.  It looks like I will have to continue steadily, monitoring what is happening, hopefully, it is not serious, but it has put a damper on what was a much better year than I could have expected after the two ablations.  Here is my annual Strava summary.

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