Continuing improvement


Six months ago, I attended a skills assessment session at Derby Velodrome;  I was judged to be competent and so I received my velodrome permit back.  However, during the session I had a momentary HR spike of 201 for no obvious reason.  I had also seen a few spikes on recent rides of 170/180; I wasn’t sure whether these were problematic, i.e. a brief incidence of flutter or just a rogue reading.  I decided to leave the velodrome alone for a few months and monitor my HR.

I had experienced no recent problems, no HR spikes and the incidence of ectopic beats on my kardia is almost down to nil, so I decided it was safe to return to the velodrome last week.  As usual, I didn’t push too hard; on one exercise I decided to cut it short and recover; overall it was enjoyable and I think I could go a little harder.

In addition to this, I was on annual leave and drank more than I should; not really excessive, no binging, but 22 units over the seven days.  I am very pleased to note absolutely no ill effects.

I am beginning to feel almost normal.  I am a little unfit and a bit weightier: 2Kg more than when I became symptomatic, but I think this can be solved by a little extra exercise over the next year.

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