All clear?

For the last few years, I have had a couple of things going on healthwise:  AF and elevated liver enzymes.

The AF now appears to be under control; apart from the two weeks after my first ablation I have experienced no AF.  There have been a few ectopics, although these are relatively calm at the moment.  I am still pootling about on the bike, no racing no HIIT and no intention to risk anything by overdoing it.  I am scheduled to see the cardiologist at some point in the autumn of this year, but only because of the CEASE-AF research project.  If I was a normal patient rather than a participant in a clinical trial, I would have already been discharged to the care of my GP.

The liver enzymes were the second issue.  Originally several different enzyme levels were raised, and it is fair to say that self-medication with alcohol was likely to have been a contributory factor.  After these were discovered my alcohol intake was curtailed and I kept total abstinence between February and December 2017.  Since then I have kept faithfully to less than 14 units per week.  Binges have been few, but occasionally centered around celebrations.

19-03-18 GGT

The graph shows alcohol consumption against GGT.  The red line shows a fall in levels after I stopped serious drinking, with a little binge around the Xmas 2016/17 period.  It then fell quickly until I started amiodarone; it levelled off for a while until the majority of it was out of my bloodstream.  It then continued to fall steadily until now, when it has reached the upper level of “normal”.  My levels over the last year also gave no concern; although above the textbook normal level, they were described as satisfactory.    The Doctors comments this time are, “Satisfactory. No further action“.    I suspect that the GGT level will continue to drop very slowly, but it looks like I have no need for testing in future.

So, I have now effectively been signed off for both health problems.  I will not be able to increase my alcohol consumption in celebration but I am relieved and very happy.

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