Odd heart activity?

I had a good start to 2019 with few ectopics, no arrhythmia and an apparently  recovered liver; things were looking good.

One morning (27th March) I woke and took my resting pulse as per normal; it was definitely not in sinus rhythm.  I went downstairs and used the Kardia.  I had a couple of “Possible AF” diagnoses, but these were actually high levels of ectopics rather than AF; see reading below.

19-03-27 AF

I took several readings over the next hour and had a few unclassified ones with unusual traces, looking a little like the strange one I had last June; example below.


After a few hours, everything went back to normal.  Hopefully these mean nothing; I have not bothered the Cardiologist, but will continue to monitor.

4 thoughts on “Odd heart activity?

  1. Yes. It was just a one-off, no apparent reason. If anything I have been even more healthy over the last month or so; no ectopics, completely in NSR and resting heart rate finally dipped below 70.

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