Prior to AF, I had a rock steady heartbeat.  It was very slow and even, I never experienced any ectopics.  After my ablations the p-wave returned, although it seemed quite suppressed and the rhythm was steady.  I experienced quite a few ectopics, so I recorded them and looked at the change over time.

Before the second ablation I had very few, this increased after the second ablation.  On average I was getting just over one a minute.  This calmed down early this year, to one every three or four minutes.  But I had a very strange reading one evening for no apparent reason.  Here is a Kardia trace.

19-05-29 HR AF

I think this is a huge number of ectopics rather than AF.  I took nine readings over the next hour, one more said “Possible AF”, one was “Unclassified” and the rest showed as many ectopics but were classified “Normal”

There was no reason whatsoever for this.  I was not particularly stressed, I had a relaxing couple of days teaching.  I had not been drinking, I wasn’t tired, and although I was in a hotel overnight, I hadn’t overindulged in expense account food either.

Everything was back to normal the following day.

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