Last weekend was my fortieth anniversary of leaving school.  A room was hired in a pub in the next village along from the school we went to.  Food was ordered and a mixtape of music from 1979 was prepared.

I arrived early to help the organiser set up the room, and was pleased to discover that the pub was selling a pleasant tasting beer.

It was a good evening, many former classmates turned up, including some that I had not seen for years and a couple that I had no memory of.

Unfortunately, the beer was too good and the night went on until the early hours.  I got a little carried away and drank too much (too much for a person without any health issues, let alone someone in my circumstances.  I realised quite late on that I was actually drunk, the first time in about four or five years.

I went to bed wondering and worrying what effect it would have on me in the morning.  I woke up fine, with no headache or noticeable ill effects.  I checked my pulse and it seemed fine.  I tried the Kardia and received a “normal” diagnosis.

This all compares favourably with the previous week when I had a mass of ectopics for no good reason.

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