Cycling again

Over the last few weeks we have had atrocious weather and I have been suffering with a cold.  I have also had a few household repairs to do and have been neglecting my bikes a little.

This all changed when the sun finally came out on Thursday and after a week of tedious work problems, I decided that I deserved an early finish and a bike ride.

19-06-27 Strava

There was quite a bit of traffic and stopping at lights, so I was very pleased to see that I had hit my first road average of 16 mph (according to Garmin Connect) since the operation.

This was followed two days later with a slow and steady 31 miles around the local trails.

19-06-29 Strava.png

This was expected to be the hottest of the year so far; there were lots of runners, walkers etc out on the trails.  There was also a colour run in Rother Valley Country park following the earlier park run.  There was so much traffic that I was not really able to work up a sweat for most of the route.

I stopped for a drink and snack in Poolsbrook country park (I recommend the bacon sandwiches) and my old bike got quite a lot of admiration from a few cyclists of a similar vintage.

I had a “rest” in the afternoon; I was intending to paint the decking, but the heat was so intense I found things to do indoors.  I was back on the bike on Sunday for a club run with the slower group; a steady 63 mile around the local flatlands.

19-06-30 Strava

It was hot, but not excessively so.  There were six in the group and we had a fine time.  The speed was a little bit disappointing, but I was not holding the group back, so all good.

I was back to work on Monday and had to travel early to Head Office.  I was expecting to be finished quite early and with no-one else stopping over I would have been at a bit of a loose end.  So I packed the bike in the boot.

19-07-01 Strava

The weather was warm but very windy and blowing almost directly from the East, so the coast road gave quite a good impression of a wind tunnel.  My average was 16.4; prior to my illness I was averaging 20 mph around these roads, but I expect I would have been a little faster without the effects of the wind.  Strangely, the locals consider this to be relatively hilly, whereas the ratio of climb to miles was comparable with my canal rides.

After a slow start to the month, I managed to fit in nearly 150 miles over the last week.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I drank a couple of glasses of wine.  In spite of the alcohol, the cycling and the heat I had no heart symptoms and very little fatigue.

I am very pleased with my current level of fitness and prospects for improvement.


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