Resting Heart Rate

My RHR is still recovering.

In the eighties, during an extended period of being ridiculously fit (which was probably a major contributor to my AF) my resting pulse was 48, but over recent years has been a consistent 57.  On diagnosis of AF, bisoprolol reduced this to the mid-40s again, but the ablations increased this to around 80.  Coming off the betablockers in November 2017 increased the rate to nearly 100.

Between then and August 2018, the rate dropped steadily to around 75, where it plateaued for a while.  Since March this year it has continued to drop slowly.  Last night in bed, my resting pulse was 60; the first time it has been this low since the first ablation.

I check my ECG every evening with the Kardia; I generally do it in the late evening while relaxing watching TV.  This generally gives me a reading slightly above resting.

Here is a graph of the change over time.

19-07-08 HR

I don’t know whether this is an increase in fitness or just a continued recovery from ablation inflammation (or both?).  Although it is very small, there is a definite steady trend to a lower HR over the last few months.

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