Migraine aura

18-11-08 HU

I have had migraines as long as I can remember.  They were more frequent, perhaps monthly in adolescence, but dropped to around twice per year in my late teens and less than annually in adulthood. They have always started the same way with a blind spot in the centre of my vision.  A few minutes later, the sight there returns and I get a visual disturbance just to the right and below centre. I know that if I take a couple of paracetamol before this appears I can avoid the headache.

This aura is difficult to describe, but it is a little like a jagged teardrop on its side, filled with little square boxes. Each box is filled with lines, some vertical and some horizontal, like a TV test card. The lines are alternately very black and dazzling white but sometimes give an impression of being blue or red. Each line flashes, with the black and white changing places a couple of times a second. Shortly after the aura I will start to feel ill with headache and nausea.

Last Friday afternoon, I had my first migraine since before my AF diagnosis (more than there years), although I did have an aura just after my RF ablation. This post-ablation aura was completely different in shape to my normal migraine and did not lead to a headache.

Friday’s aura was back to normal, except the blue light was much more than a tinge; it had the look of flashing emergency lights. I was working from home, so I thought I would lie down for half an hour in a darkened bedroom. This was very effective as it prevented the headache and also gave me two and a half hours sleep.

I don’t think that there is a relationship between migraine headaches and AF, although it is possible there are some common factors.  I do find it interesting that the first migraine I have had after ablation was slightly different, but I hope it is another three years before I get a confirmation.

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One thought on “Migraine aura

  1. Very interesting. I have never heard a migraine aura described in such detail. I have had just one. And all I remember is it was black and white zigzags. I think it was after my diagnosis of a fib. Probably the same year. Thankfully I have never had this again. I hope you don’t ever have one again either! I’ll be interested to hear anybody else’s experiences.


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