Holiday in Spain

Calella panarama.jpg

We went to Calella, just north of Barcelona, for a family beach holiday.  The last time I was in this area, it was between my two ablations.  I was on amiodarone and completely covered up out of the sun.  This time I was medication free, but still heavily coated in factor 50.

After three years of sticking to the government alcohol guidelines, I weakened a little and had a pint and/or a glass of wine or two each night with a meal; not excessive by Brits in Spain standards, but a little more than the weekly limits of 14 units.

After a few days I was starting to get interference in my Kardia readings, which continued when not drinking.  I believe dehydration could be a contributory factor; I was never too good with beach holidays, but perhaps I am now unable to cope.

I also had another migraine aura, during the holiday; no headache, just the blindspot followed by the lights.  Heart related? No idea.  I have another couple of months before my annual check with the cardiologist, so I will continue to collect data.

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