Another migraine aura

I have posted recently about migraine auras.  I used to have regular migraines as a youngster, but these reduced in frequency and intensity over the years.  After my catheter ablation, I experienced a migraine aura, but without the headache; I knew to expect this, so wasn’t worried.

I had a migraine Aura again in early July, which did not lead to headache.  I also experienced one on holiday a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday.   Looking back over the last few years, it has been rare for a migraine to progress to headache; I had decided the cause was low blood sugar/dehydration and at the start of an aura, I would drink fluids, eat something sugary and take a paracetamol.  Since my ablation, I have done none of this and have still not had a headache.  I am now wondering whether the current migraines are not related to my youthful ones, and perhaps are related to AF.

I have posted this on the AFA discussion forum to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

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