Further improvement

Work has been very hectic recently; a lot of travel and it is the closest it has been to being to being stressful for several years.  I have had no further migraine auras, and the rhythm is behaving itself.  My resting HR is now permanently in the mid-60s; almost back at the level it was prior to diagnosis.

I visited the velodrome a couple of days ago. The picture is of someone attempting the hour record on a penny farthing.  They have not yet published the results, but spent a lot of time afterwards filming with the riders and the Guinness official.  At 133 laps, I suspect this was probably a shorter distance than the Herne hill attempt last year, but will still be a record as far as Guinness are concerned.

The last time I visited the velodrome, I felt good and didn’t push too hard; on checking my HR afterwards, I had a several spikes of 170 during sprint efforts, but these always returned to base HR very quickly.  This time, there were only five of us and I pushed a little harder, but only hit a maximum of 167.  Hopefully this indicates that my fitness is improving and my AF is still under control.

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