Liver test results

When I was diagnosed with AF, it was also discovered that my liver function was below optimum.  Most blood indicators were OK, but my gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) was very high.  This is an indicator of either liver disease, congestive heart disease, effects of certain prescription drugs or alcohol use.  My circumstances largely ruled out most of these, but I had been overdoing the alcohol a bit.

I abstained from it for about 15 months.  During this time the GGT level slowly fell, Although at one stage it rose again for no medical reason; I suspected amiodarone.  Since coming off all medications, it has continued to fall; even though I started to drink small amounts of alcohol again at Christmas 2018.  Yesterday’s set of tests were the first giving a result within guidance limits.  To quote the Doctor, “Normal. No further action“.

The only problem now is that I can’t celebrate with a beer due to the AF.

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