Did I speak too soon? (no)

Last week, things were good; my liver was back to normal, my heat was behaving itself and even the resting HR had dropped into the 60s.  I was back to my normal patterns of work, but with no stress and I was able to cycle; not at my previous level, but at least the level of club social ride.  It seemed I was “cured” of everything. 

Then on 8th October, while away with work, I started getting a few wobbly traces.  It was not arrythmia, but interference, looking like extreme flutter. 

I wasn’t overly worried as I had no symptoms at all, but it carried on for a couple of days.  I did notice that the Kardia was making an audible clicking noise.  I tried the Kardia with my daughter when back home and she had a similar reading.  I suspected it may have been broken; in a way, this could have been a good thing, giving me an excuse to buy the new six lead version.  It was not needed, a replacement battery had it working as good as new.  It is now displaying perfect sinus rhythm. 

4 thoughts on “Did I speak too soon? (no)

  1. Thanks Sean.
    Three years ago I though my cycling world was largely over. I started a commissaire’s course to keep involved with the sport and built a bike up for use on flat towpaths. I also started considering electric bikes. From that low point I am very pleased with how things are going; I am wary that I could revert back, but luckily, this was not the time.

    I can see that you’re still getting out, with some reasonable speeds.


    • Hi John, I am indeed… things staying calm since my cardioversion in early June. Long may that continue. Frustratingly I’m laid up at the moment, but not AF related thankfully. Had some ironmongery removed from my lower left fibula from a bad break around 20 years ago. (it’s been giving me gyp for the last year or so hence the removal after all this time). Hobbling around on crutches for a few weeks but the Ortho guy says I can get on the trainer in a couple of weeks… it feels like one step forward and two steps back sometimes… hey ho.


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