Yet another migraine

As a child, I had quite debilitating migraines on a regular basis.  Perhaps monthly in adolescence, settling down to twice a year in early adulthood and then rarely after my twenties.  There was always a visual aura followed by a headache.  In later life, I found that if I took a paracetamol as soon as the aura appeared and also ate something to increase my blood sugar (?), I could avoid the headache, but would feel drained for the rest of the day.

I can’t remember my last migraine before the AF diagnosis, but it was many years ago. A few hours after my ablation in 2017, I had a migraine aura, but it was not accompanied by any feelings of illness.  It was also a different shape to my usual aura; this was a grey cross in the centre of my vision with two stripes across the bottom and right side of my peripheral vision.  This is quite normal post-ablation.

This year, I have had four migraine auras: one in July, two in August and one yesterday.  These are a little different from my original auras.  Originally, they were quite compressed into a small area just off the centre of my vision, but these new ones are wider and further out.  I only managed to take a tablet for the first one of these recent migraines, but none resulted in a headache. 

This is a little puzzling; has AF or the ablation changed my migraine susceptibility or how I experience them?  Is it possible that these are a normal change through life?

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    • I had my first oral the same year I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

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