I have had no migraine auras over the last month, so hopefully my recent experiences were isolated.  I joined to ask questions on their forum.  I received a quick reply from a forum mod suggesting that symptoms change through time and it would be a good idea to see a doctor.  I don’t think there is a lot of point, but I will mention it to the cardiologist next time I see him.

Apart from that, my health is good; in particular, my liver is now normal. I have had no issues with any Kardia readings since early October, and these now appear to have been caused by a low battery rather than a heart issue. I have had relatively few ectopics and no worrying readings at all.  My resting heart rate is back below 70. 

I spent last week working away in Glasgow; there was a temptation to drink a little alcohol in the hotel and restaurants and I had eight pints over the five days; which is the most for a while.  There were no ill effects; in fact, the heart was pretty calm.

I am still pottering on the bike, but this weekend I felt particularly unfit, probably due to too much food and drink last week.

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