Band night

Two years ago, just a few months after my second ablation, I attended a Bad Manners gig; the first date of their Xmas tour.  There were a lot of people my age there, some retaining rather than revisiting their Mod/Ska/Skin style.  There were one or two people that I knew but hadn’t seen for years.  I had a few pints (I realised this was probably too many but I got a little carried away).  Several of my fellow oldies were dancing ska style and looked like they may regret it in the morning, I stuck to a seat, much to Diana’s dismay.

On Friday night, I went out to see a Ska tribute band; they were good, but nothing special.  A few of the oldies from two years before also turned up and a good night was had.  I got carried away and drank five pints and towards the end got involved in the bouncy dancing.  After one song I had had enough; I was getting breathless and had to sit down.  The level of exertion was nothing to compare with the earlier cycling, so I assumed it must be related to the alcohol.  Five pints was the most I had drunk for at least four years, and I became worried that I may have damaged myself. 

The next morning, I had a minor hangover (I never had hangovers, ever, irrespective of how much I drank).  I got out the Kardia and nervously did the ECG; 70 BPM, sinus with a couple of ectopics.  This is pretty much normal.  I was relieved and continued to check over the next few days.  This has apparently had no effect, but I will have to watch my intake in future, as it may be storing up trouble for me.

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