Cardiologists letter

I had a little bit of a shock as I picked up the mail this morning.  One was addressed to me and labelled “Clinical in confidence”.  My first thought was that the 48 hour monitor had picked up a problem.  I quickly opened the envelope to find good news; it was a letter to my GP.

The patient is doing very well and is completely asymptomatic.   He is off all medication.  He still uses his Kardia and has seen the very occasional atrial ectopic beat, but he is asymptomatic of these.  His ECG today showed normal sinus rhythm at a rate of 76 bpm.  His blood pressure was a little elevated at 140/85.  His heart sounds were normal with no murmur.  His chest was clear.  He will be seen once more for his final follow up in one year’s time

The blood pressure was unusual; it is normally 125/75, but it was good to see that 140/85 was dismissed as just “a little elevated”.  It may have been related to a run across the hospital after struggling to find a parking space that morning; it has not been that high since.  Apart from that, it all sounds good.

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