Post viral Xmas

I recovered from the effects of the pre-xmas virus within a couple of days.  I was quickly back to what felt like normal, so resumed exercise and had a week away from work overdoing the Christmas spirit.  My blood pressure has remained at 130/80, which is slightly higher than normal, but could be something to do with the festive alcohol.  I also had a few ectopics on the 29th that I think could also be related to alcohol. 

The graphic from VeloViewer shows my cycling activity from last year.  Definitely disappointed not to hit 3000 miles, especially as I had actually planned for 3500.  My annualised average speed is still rising, but still 1.5 mph down on 2015.  I could probably go harder, but it does not seem worth the risk.  I still get the occasional high HR when exercising, but only for six seconds; it is probably nothing, but again, not worth the risk.

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