I have often discussed my love for alcohol and my inability to want to give up completely.  I know its bad for my AF (and my cycling) but I still want to enjoy it.  I try to log every drink I have and try to stay within the government recommended limits, but just over the last six months, I have been a bit lax with my counting and my intake has crept up a little. 

This does not appear to have given me any problems; my GGT is down at the high end of normal, my level of ectopics is lower than ever and I generally feel very well.  On the minus side, my blood pressure is slightly elevated.

I am also currently a little stressed; I am now working less from home and more back in our centres and hotel venues. There is still the threat of redundancy from the sale of the business which would not be a problem, but the organisation is also trying to negotiate down our generous redundancy terms.

I am currently off the bike due to a knee injury sustained removing carpets from the house.  My knees have been fairly fragile since marathon training in the 80s.  I did try a ride at the weekend, which was pain free while on the bike, but increased the pain I felt after I stopped.

I have decided to cut back drinking severely again, just a little wine at the weekend and I will try to edge myself gently back into exercise.

One thought on “Alcohol

  1. It is so difficult. I miss having a drink every day in the late afternoon. And now I miss having a drink at all. I tried the cutting back for several years, and it just didn’t work for me. I had to make the decision whether to accept the risk of frequent ectopic beats and runs of a fib or bite the bullet and quit alcohol entirely. It has now been almost 3 years since I’ve had a drink. I have not had any runs of a fib. Just a rare ectopic that lasts for 3 to 10 seconds. Best wishes to you!


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