Not the three yearly review

Yesterday I had an appointment with the cardiologist; last year he informed me that I would no longer need the annual halter monitor, ECG, blood tests etc, and that the last two years of the CEASE-AF study would be completed by telephone interview.  My staff were running two remote courses this day (one on Teams and one on Zoom) and I normally log in with the trainer prior to the course to ensure that the learners are able to access the system.  The trainer on the early course had a disastrous start, his system just would not work.  I ended up embroiled in his difficulties and missed the call from the doctor.

I picked up a voicemail message from him later, in which he appeared confused as to why he was calling me and said that he had asked his assistant to contact me over the next couple of days to make an appointment to come and see him.  I am sure I will get another phone consultation.

I am still getting a few readings of high stress from the Garmin, but these seem to have no bearing on whether or not I feel stressed.  I have also had one very high reading where I have appeared to be stressed during sleep (this was a possibility; it was the Sunday night before a difficult week).  I was going to ask the cardiologist whether I should take this information seriously.

My cycling is continuing to improve.  I am not consciously putting more effort in to it, I am keeping below the 165 HR and I am continuing to spin uphill rather than attack with power.  There is a steady improvement in my average speed.

I have been recording data since I bought a Garmin in June 2008.  This graph shows the average speed for each month in blue with a 12-monthly average trendline in red.  This prevents the higher (and faster) mileages in the summer months from artificially inflating the annual statistics. 

The graph holds relatively steady until around March 2015.  There is a slight downward trend, but this was mainly affected by increasing ride distances and group rides with slower friends.  I now know that Mar 2015 was the start of paroxysmal AF which slowly worsened until I entered persistent AF twelve months later.

My average speed dropped off a cliff at this point, but has been steadily improving since January 2018 after my recovery from the two ablations.  My current average speed on this graph is 15 mph and I think (hope) it is still rising.

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